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  • Better advice.
  • Better insight.
  • Better thinking.

Latest Legal News

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Cryptoassets ‘a new category of personal property’

25th of June, 2019

City of London Law Society says 'targeted legislation' may be needed to clarify status in law.

Claimant awarded 10% after narrowly beating Part 36 costs offer

25th of June, 2019

Court says uplift should be ‘all or nothing’ and not treated like a bonus for successful claimant.

Sacked Christian magistrate not discriminated against, rules appeal tribunal

21st of June, 2019

Judge says views expressed about same-sex adoption undermined judicial impartiality.

Vexatious ex-solicitor barred from any court proceedings

20th of June, 2019

High Court makes indefinite order against Anal Sheikh who ‘never got over’ losing a case in 2007.

IP law must get to grips with creative computers - SC justice

19th of June, 2019

Lord Kitchin suggests patent and copyright law needs to catch up with artificial intelligence.

Divorce bill to end 'unnecessary mudslinging' unveiled

14th of June, 2019

Justice secretary David Gauke says he is proud to introduce the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill.

EU withdrawal agreement has dangerous implications, Brexiteer lawyers warn

13th of June, 2019

Martin Howe QC says Theresa May is leaving behind ‘what amounts to a political Chernobyl disaster’.

Solicitor under no duty to flag up opponents' mistake, rules CoA

13th of June, 2019

Judgment makes clear that defendant firm was not guilty of technical game playing.

SC dismisses newspapers' 'serious harm' libel appeal

12th of June, 2019

Landmark ruling backs High Court's interpretation of 2013 Defamation Act.

Online courts legislation 'intentionally broad' - justice minister

12th of June, 2019

Paper channel 'will remain open' in online era, Lord Keen of Elie tells peers - but no need to put that in law.

'Entirely disproportionate' costs slashed by two-thirds

11th of June, 2019

New judgment is a fresh examination of rules applying to proportionality test.

Law Society joins international protest over Hong Kong extradition law

10th of June, 2019

Open letter to government says new measures could enable Beijing to extradite human rights defenders.

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