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    Clarity of thought precedes the delivery of sound, experienced legal advice and we work collaboratively and proactively with your interests at the forefront of our thinking.
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    We consistently deliver precise, innovative and responsive legal solutions to our clients. It’s the cornerstone upon which Spalter Fisher lies. Our advice is both considered and incisive. We approach your issues from a position of strength as well as a precise understanding of your end goals.
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    Our thought processes are focused fundamentally on protecting your interests. Your thought processes are focused on recognising the positive and lasting value a premium service and first-class legal advice gives you.
  • Better advice.
  • Better insight.
  • Better thinking.

Latest Legal News

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Home Office urged not to let Covid-19 affect pre-charge bail reform

29th of May, 2020

Law Society warns of further bottlenecks in the criminal justice system.

Underspend not a good reason to reassess budget, costs master rules

28th of May, 2020

Judge says solicitors who have acted efficiently and kept costs down should not be subject to detailed assessment.

Global bar condemns move to impose security law on Hong Kong

28th of May, 2020

New national security legislation would undermine the region's autonomy, International Bar Association says.

Costs settlement offer didn’t end at the door of the court, High Court rules

26th of May, 2020

Judge rejects defendant’s appeal, saying it was open to them to put a time limit on settlement offer.

Rule-makers told to look again at disbursement costs recovery

21st of May, 2020

Supreme Court opts not to hear appeal in fixed costs case, but urges rules committee to reconsider issue.

Can urns be buildings? Supreme Court rules in landmark listing dispute

20th of May, 2020

Highest court finds Court of Appeal was wrong to deny defence in listed building enforcement appeal.

EU trade talks stumble over mutual recognition of qualifications

20th of May, 2020

Government publishes full details of what it seeks in a ‘Canada-style’ free trade agreement.

Suspect under investigation has reasonable expectation of privacy, CoA rules

19th of May, 2020

Court backs injunction protecting the identity of US businessman identified in documents leaked to news agency.

Depp v Denton: Hollywood star pleads for relief from sanctions

19th of May, 2020

Court allows late serving of witness statements, but places limits on what evidence can be adduced.

Alarm as Turkey and Iran threaten independent bar

18th of May, 2020

Neighbouring Middle Eastern governments prepare moves against professional bodies.

CoA throws out attempt to block opponent’s choice of solicitor

13th of May, 2020

Court rules that no evidence was presented to show ‘information barrier’ was breached in whisky glass case.

Judge: ‘Some people are better at lying, whether remotely or in person’

6th of May, 2020

Parents to give evidence remotely in care order case, as judiciary opt again for virtual justice.

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