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The power of experience, clarity and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction should never be underestimated...

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    Clarity of thought precedes the delivery of sound, experienced legal advice and we work collaboratively and proactively with your interests at the forefront of our thinking.
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    We consistently deliver precise, innovative and responsive legal solutions to our clients. It’s the cornerstone upon which Spalter Fisher lies. Our advice is both considered and incisive. We approach your issues from a position of strength as well as a precise understanding of your end goals.
  • Better thinking.
    Our thought processes are focused fundamentally on protecting your interests. Your thought processes are focused on recognising the positive and lasting value a premium service and first-class legal advice gives you.
  • Better advice.
  • Better insight.
  • Better thinking.

Latest Legal News

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Lying GP expert should have been jailed like solicitor, says appeal court

22nd of March, 2019

Insurance company appealed on basis doctor’s suspended sentence was too lenient.

Jailed paedophile barrister removed from profession

21st of March, 2019

John Guess was a former lawyer for the Welsh government.

Claimant solicitors secure £150k interim costs for unfinished dispute

21st of March, 2019

Court rules it a ‘virtual certainty’ that claimants will secure costs, despite quantum not known for three years. 

Client did not give informed consent to deductions, costs appeal hears

21st of March, 2019

Former client of HH Law says it was not made clear to her what she would end up paying in PI claim.

Supreme Court allows 'reasonable diligence' appeal in fraud claim

20th of March, 2019

'Bare-knuckle fight' between principles that fraud unravels all and that litigation must end. 

Court 'on precipice' of thousands of costs challenges by ex-clients

20th of March, 2019

Appeal hears firm’s argument that its deductions from damages were clearly set out to client.

Home Office rejects knife ASBO amendments

20th of March, 2019

Government says the Offensive Weapons Bill provides safeguards being sought by Magistrates' Association and others.

Crime agency laments ‘dearth’ of suspicious activity reports from lawyers

19th of March, 2019

National Crime Agency boss was giving evidence to Joint Select Committee on the Draft Registration of Overseas Entities Bill.

Court of Appeal rejects Iranian bank's secrecy plea

18th of March, 2019

Production of documents in London Bank Mellat case should trump concerns as to Iranian law. 

Junior lawyers plan new challenges over ‘super-exam’

15th of March, 2019

Legal Services Board says it is expecting another application from Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Legal regulators outperforming accountancy on AML supervision

15th of March, 2019

Office for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering Supervision finds that regulators have more to do.

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