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  • Better advice.
  • Better insight.
  • Better thinking.

Latest Legal News

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Whitehall ponders new identity verification scheme

19th of July, 2019

Calls for evidence on system for proving identity ‘without the need for identity cards’.

Claimants win crucial costs appeal on proportionality and reasonableness

17th of July, 2019

Judges rule that comparing the value of a claim and the premium paid is not a measure of reasonableness.

Eagerly-awaited costs ruling expected today from Court of Appeal

17th of July, 2019

Issues of reasonableness and proportionality to come under the microscope in dual judgment.

Interim costs award sets ‘vitally important’ precedent for law firm cashflow

12th of July, 2019

Judge says interim costs order should be made with a view to solicitors’ cashflow in long-lasting litigation.

Serco fraud: Deferred prosecution critics ‘cynical’, says judge

4th of July, 2019

Mr Justice William Davis approves the UK’s fifth DPA over fraud against Ministry of Justice.

Prosecutor wins libel claim over Ben Stokes case criticism

4th of July, 2019

Alison Morgan brought proceedings against The Times over article relating to prosecution decisions.

Johnson prosecutor revealed vexatious political motives, judges rule

3rd of July, 2019

High Court publishes reasons for overturning magistrate's decision to commit Boris Johnson MP for trial.

Courts to consider wider consequences of arson and criminal damage

3rd of July, 2019

Sentencing Council says harm goes beyond the physical and financial as it unveils guidelines for judges and magistrates.

Lawyers warned to check local rules when serving foreign litigants

2nd of July, 2019

Court of Appeal sets aside proceedings in case where claimant solicitors did not take advice specific to United Arab Emirates.

Former client refused a fresh look at solicitor’s £340k bill

2nd of July, 2019

Court finds little prospect of reducing amount, and no evidence for allegation of negligence on part of Carter-Ruck.

Solicitor can sue firm as employee after ‘informal’ partnership rejected

27th of June, 2019

Private client solicitor was on fringes of partnership but still a worker, rules tribunal.

Cryptoassets ‘a new category of personal property’

25th of June, 2019

City of London Law Society says 'targeted legislation' may be needed to clarify status in law.

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