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    Clarity of thought precedes the delivery of sound, experienced legal advice and we work collaboratively and proactively with your interests at the forefront of our thinking.
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    We consistently deliver precise, innovative and responsive legal solutions to our clients. It’s the cornerstone upon which Spalter Fisher lies. Our advice is both considered and incisive. We approach your issues from a position of strength as well as a precise understanding of your end goals.
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    Our thought processes are focused fundamentally on protecting your interests. Your thought processes are focused on recognising the positive and lasting value a premium service and first-class legal advice gives you.
  • Better advice.
  • Better insight.
  • Better thinking.

Latest Legal News

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Work begins on legal definition of ‘ecocide’

30th of November, 2020

Definition will draw on existing approaches to crimes against humanity and genocide.

‘Lawyers aren’t a charity’: Family judge awards £60k incurred costs

27th of November, 2020

Court says client should not be beholden to lawyers over unpaid costs.

Deepwater ruling clarifies law on arbitrator bias

27th of November, 2020

Challenge to appointment of arbitrator in claim arising from 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster is thrown out by UK Supreme Court.

Web giants get their own regulator

27th of November, 2020

Digital Markets Unit will enforce a new code to cover behaviour, government says.

Keep Welsh JRs in Wales, Faulks review told

24th of November, 2020

Challenges to the decisions of public bodies in Wales should be held in Wales, counsel general says.

Government bans evictions until January

17th of November, 2020

Statutory instrument laid in parliament days after solicitor sent pre-action protocol letter.

Court corrects gaffe which allowed ex-husband to stop payments

16th of November, 2020

Judge rules ‘slip rule’ can be applied two years after error was made.

Supreme Court lowers standard of proof for inquests

13th of November, 2020

Solicitor of family who brought the case says ruling clarifies the law on suicide and unlawful killing.

We'll appeal, says firm behind 'fundamentally flawed' £5bn group claim

12th of November, 2020

Epic Brazil dam litigation will continue with challenge in the Court of Appeal.

'Irredeemably unmanageable': High Court blocks £5bn group litigation

10th of November, 2020

Judge says prospect of managing 200,000 claimants from Brazil is 'alarming' and cannot work.

Partners spared £2m exposure after colleague stole client funds

4th of November, 2020

Indemnity insurer fails to convince High Court that different claims can be aggregated as one.

Fraud did not taint negligence claim, Supreme Court rules

4th of November, 2020

Claim for breach of duty was 'conceptually entirely separate' from mortgage fraud.

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