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Latest Legal News

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Barrister Lester faces Lords suspension over sexual harassment claims

12th of November, 2018

Lord Lester of Herne Hill reportedly offered complainant a ‘corrupt inducement to have sexual relations’.

QOCS judgment muddies the waters on costs-shifting

12th of November, 2018

Lawyers believe issue raised by litigation following cycling accident may have to be determined at a higher level.

Britain's costliest divorce: Oligarch can keep £360m yacht as Dubai judge overrules High Court

9th of November, 2018

A Sharia court in Dubai has ignored an order from the High Court that an oligarch must hand over a £350m yacht to his ex-wife as part of the UK’s biggest divorce settlement. Lawyers say the development further underlines the difficulty of enforcing UK divorce orders abroad.

A Dubai judge ruled that it was ‘dismissing the case and orders the claimant to pay expenses and attorney fees’.

The court decision this week is the latest development in a bitter divorce between Russian energy oligarch Farkhad Akhmedov and his ex-wife Tatiana, whose representatives had successfully obtained a freezing order to detain the 115-metre yacht in Dubai.

Henry Hood, a partner at Hunters Solicitors, said: ‘This latest step in the Ms Akhmedova’s attempt to enforce the English order may be a bit of a setback for her. It seems however that not all legal options in Dubai have yet been exhausted.

‘Even if they are, with the appeal court in Moscow rejecting the husband’s main contention that they were divorced years ago, there are likely to be other opportunities for Haddon-Cave J’s excoriating judgments to be enforced, and the spectator value of the case will continue for a while yet.’

But Alex Carruthers, partner at Hughes Fowler Carruthers, said: ‘The latest saga in this long running case shows how difficult it can be to enforce English divorce orders around the world. The order may only end up being a symbolic piece of paper with little use in extracting further cash from the ex-spouse.’

In December Haddon-Cave ordered Akhmedov, now 62, to pay Akhmedova a 41.5% share of his £1bn-plus fortune.

Revealed: New super-exam for solicitors could cost up to £4,500

8th of November, 2018

Regulator estimates SQE will cost between £3,000 and £4,500 - and confirms start date has been delayed.

US class action firm offshoot off to a flyer with £5bn claim

7th of November, 2018

SPG Law will seek compensation on behalf of victims of the 2015 Samarco dam collapse.

Employment tribunal fees may be resurrected, MoJ confirms

7th of November, 2018

‘Proportionate and progressive’ fee system will be reintroduced, says permsec Heaton.

‘Big boys play by different rules’, anti-bribery probe hears

7th of November, 2018

Lawyers report ‘sense of unfairness’ that smaller companies more likely to face prosecution.

City firm's AI tool 'will help in-house counsel decide on disputes'

6th of November, 2018

Clear/Cut programme will allow for extensive review that would be ’prohibitively large and costly’ to evaluate with humans.

Student wins fees appeal against closing firm that 'left him in the lurch'

6th of November, 2018

Court finds firm on brink of closure did not give reasonable notice about ending its retainer.

SFO drops case against mining chief

6th of November, 2018

Benedikt Sobotka had been wanted for questioning but his prosecution is now discontinued.

All law firms should publish gender pay gap figures - Law Society

6th of November, 2018

Firms should also consider collecting data on disability and ethnicity pay gaps, Chancery Lane recommends.

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